Qualification Table of Courses
Bachelor of Communication Studies
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Level 5
Code Description Points
COMM512 Communication Ethics 15.00
COMM514 Intercultural Communication 15.00
DIGD507 Mahitahi | Collaborative Practices 15.00
COMM516 Media Production Foundations 15.00
COMM517 Media Production Studio 15.00
COMM515 Media, Politics and Citizenship 15.00
COMM513 Media, Technology and Society 15.00
COMM505 Text, Image and Sound 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
ADVT672 Advertising and Brand Creativity 15.00
COMM607 Communication for Social Change 15.00
ADVT671 Copywriting 15.00
TVSP601 Creative Documentary Production 15.00
ADVT673 Creative Principles and Strategy 15.00
COMM608 Global Crises and Communication 15.00
COMM605 Global Media Giants 15.00
COMM606 Media Impacts and Effects 15.00
DIGM601 Moving Image Communication 15.00
JOUR602 News Production 15.00
JOUR604 Newslab Live 30.00
DIGM602 Online and Interactive Communication 15.00
COMM609 Performance for Professional Communication 15.00
PUBL603 Power and Persuasion 15.00
PUBL602 Public Relations Practice and Specialisms 15.00
RADC601 Radio Production: Context and Creativity 15.00
RADC602 Radio Production: Programming and Performance 15.00
PUBL605 Reputation Management 15.00
TVSP605 Screen Production Management 15.00
TVSP603 Screen Theory in Action 15.00
TVSP604 Short Film Production 15.00
RADC604 Sound Production: Podcasting 15.00
PUBL604 Strategic Messaging 15.00
TVSP602 Studio Production 15.00
JOUR603 The Laws and Ethics of Newswork 15.00
DIGM603 Visual Communication 15.00
COMM611 Voice Production 15.00
RADC603 Web Media for Radio 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
ADVT777 Advanced Art Direction and Copywriting 15.00
RADC703 Advanced Radio Practice 15.00
TVSP704 Advanced Studio Production 15.00
ADVT780 Applied Creative Strategies 15.00
ADVT778 Applied Creativity for Social Change 15.00
JOUR718 Creative Non-Fiction Narratives 30.00
TVSP710 Creative Screen Practice 15.00
TVSP701 Creative Screen Project 30.00
DIGM706 Digital Audio 15.00
DIGM711 Digital Communication Project 15.00
PUBL701 Digital Public Relations 15.00
COMM716 Directing Professional Performance 15.00
COMM711 Environmental Communication 15.00
TVSP711 Evolving Modes of Screen Production 15.00
ADVT779 Industry Practice Studio 15.00
COMM714 Media Issues in Aotearoa 15.00
DIGM709 Motion Media 15.00
JOUR717 Newsdays 30.00
DIGM712 Online Strategies 15.00
COMM713 Power, Communication and Networks 15.00
COMM717 Professional Performance for Camera 15.00
PUBL709 Public Image and Campaigns 15.00
PUBL710 Public Relations Industry Project 15.00
PUBL707 Public Relations Theory and Practice 15.00
RADC701 Radio Project 15.00
RADC706 Radio Studio 15.00
TVSP709 Story Lab 15.00
COMM715 Sustainable Development Communication 15.00
COMM705 The Music Industries 15.00
DIGM701 Virtual Cinematics 15.00
DIGM707 Web Media 15.00
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