Qualification Table of Papers
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
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Level 5
Code Description Points
COMM570 Academic Communication: Conventions and Expectations 15.00
COMM501 Applied Communication 15.00
COMP501 Computing Technology in Society 15.00
CLSY500 Culture and Society 15.00
COMP517 Data Analysis 15.00
COMP508 Database System Design 15.00
INFS502 Digital Services in Information Technology 15.00
COMP507 IT Project Management 15.00
CLSY504 Knowledge and Inquiry 15.00
DIGD507 Mahitahi | Collaborative Practices 15.00
MATH503 Mathematics for Computing 15.00
COMP504 Networks and Internet 15.00
COMP503 Programming 2 15.00
COMP500 Programming Concepts and Techniques 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
COMP611 Algorithm Design and Analysis 15.00
ENEL611 Computer Network Applications 15.00
COMP610 Data Structures and Algorithms 15.00
STAT603 Forecasting 15.00
COMP615 Foundations of Data Science 15.00
COMP607 Information Security Technologies 15.00
COMP613 Logic and Discrete Structures 15.00
INFS605 Microservices 15.00
INFS603 Needs Analysis, Acquisition and Training 15.00
COMP609 Network and System Administration 15.00
COMP604 Operating Systems 15.00
COMP603 Program Design and Construction 15.00
INFS604 Service modelling 15.00
COMP602 Software Development Practice 15.00
COMP616 Statistics for Data Science 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
COMP714 Advanced Network Technologies 15.00
COMP719 Applied Human Computer Interaction 15.00
COMP717 Artificial Intelligence 15.00
COMP726 Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies 15.00
COMP707 Conjoint Cooperative Education Project 60.00
ENSE701 Contemporary Issues in Software Engineering 15.00
COMP713 Distributed and Mobile Systems 15.00
COMP729 Enterprise Networks 15.00
COMP716 Highly Secure Systems 15.00
COMP718 Information Security Management 15.00
COMP728 Internet of Things and Applications 15.00
INFS702 IT Service Management 15.00
COMP701 Nature Inspired Computing 15.00
COMP715 Network Security 15.00
INFS704 Service Innovation and Design 15.00
COMP700 Text and Vision Intelligence 15.00
COMP721 Web Development 15.00
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