Qualification Table of Papers
Diploma in Applied Science
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Level 4
Code Description Points
BIOL401 Foundation Biology 15.00
SCIE401 Foundation Biophysics 15.00
CHEM401 Foundation Chemistry 15.00
ECOL401 Foundation Ecology 15.00
HUMB401 Foundation Human Anatomy and Physiology 15.00
Level 5
Code Description Points
MATH502 Algebra and Discrete Mathematics 15.00
SCIE501 Anaesthesia I 15.00
SCIE502 Anaesthetic Technology I 15.00
CHEM502 Biological and Solution Chemistry 15.00
BIOL501 Biological Sampling and Interpretation 15.00
SCIE503 Biophysics 15.00
MATH501 Differential and Integral Calculus 15.00
ECOL501 Ecology and Evolution 15.00
EPMY501 Epidemiology 15.00
FOOD502 Food Science 15.00
MAOH501 Hauora Maori 15.00
HEAL507 Health and Environment 15.00
MELS501 Histology and Cytology 15.00
HEAL505 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 15.00
ENVS523 Human Geography 15.00
BCHM501 Introduction to Biochemistry 15.00
PSYC501 Introduction to Psychology A 15.00
PSYC580 Introduction to Psychology A 15.00
PSYC502 Introduction to Psychology B 15.00
HEAL506 Knowledge, Enquiry and Communication 15.00
MICR501 Microbiology 15.00
ENVS522 Our Dynamic Earth 15.00
BIOL502 Plants and Animals 15.00
CHEM501 Principles of Chemistry 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
SCIE603 Anaesthesia II 15.00
SCIE604 Anaesthesia III 15.00
CHEM604 Analytical Chemistry 15.00
BIOL604 Aquaculture 15.00
CHEM602 Biochemistry 15.00
ENVS622 Biogeography 15.00
BIOL602 Biology of Marine Organisms 15.00
GENE603 Cells, Genes and Molecules 15.00
MICR603 Communicable Diseases 15.00
CONS621 Conservation Planning 15.00
BIOL601 Deep Sea Biology 15.00
ECOL603 Ecological Concepts I 15.00
ECOL604 Ecology Concepts II 15.00
ENVS603 Environmental Health 15.00
ENVS601 Environmental Law 15.00
MICR601 Environmental Microbiology 15.00
ENVS602 Environmental Risk Assessment 15.00
FOOD601 Food Chemistry 15.00
FOOD602 Food Microbiology 15.00
FOOD604 Food Process Engineering 15.00
FOOD603 Food Technology 15.00
ECOL601 Freshwater Ecology 15.00
ENVS621 Geographic Information Systems 15.00
GEOL601 Geology, Landscape and Environment 15.00
SCIE605 Graphs R Us: Data Visualisation with R 15.00
HEAL609 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 15.00
MICR602 Industrial Microbiology 15.00
CHEM601 Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
BIOL603 Marine Invertebrates 15.00
CHEM603 Organic Chemistry 15.00
ENVS623 Planning for Environmental Sustainability 15.00
ENVS624 Plant and Animal Taxonomy 15.00
GENE602 Principles of Genetics 15.00
SCIE602 Research Techniques 15.00
GEOL602 Sedimentary Rocks & Environments 15.00
ECOL602 Terrestrial Ecology 15.00
CHEM605 Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
SCIE703 Anaesthesia IV 15.00
SCIE704 Anaesthetic Technology II 15.00
SCIE705 Independent Learning 15.00
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