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The World of Luxury Goods, Popular Trends, and Social Identities
Course Code HIST771
EFTS 0.1250
Points 15.00
Level 7
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This course advances the study of luxury as a cultural and historical entity. It critically explores the meaning of luxury within the framework of popular culture, in both Aotearoa New Zealand and globally. It provides a critical and historically-based understanding of luxury cultures in relation to popular trends. It builds upon theoretical debates and social issues surrounding how identities are created in connection to evolving notions of luxury over time. It critiques the creation of luxury narratives and brands including in popular media and tourism contexts and their importance as part of cultural and industrial trends. Through investigating luxury in multiple contexts, and with a specific focus on popular media and culture, it addresses notions connected to consumerism, gender, ethnicity, class, advertising, sustainability, storytelling, geo-politics, indigeneity, technology, socio-political and socio-economic stratification. Ultimately, via the study of luxury, this paper addresses important social debates about the world we live in: about how we see ourselves, and how we want to be seen by others.
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  AK3704   Bachelor of Arts   (BA)
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  INEXCH1   International Exchange (Inbound)   (INEXCH)
  SABRD1   Study Abroad   (Study Abroad)
  ICE1   Individual Course Enrolment   (ICE)
  AK3680   Bachelor of Health Science   (BHSc)
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