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Education, Globalisation, and International Development
Course Code EDUC711
EFTS 0.1250
Points 15.00
Level 7
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What is education for? As an institution found around the world, and recognised as a basic human right along with things like food, water, and shelter, there is almost universal agreement that education is important. There is far less agreement on how education should be used, or what it should contain. This course critically engages with various purposes of education in order to examine the ways that education is put to work around the world. We pay particular attention to education’s different roles within international development. In addition to looking at theories of development, and exploring what globalisation means for education, this course interrogates the multiple intentions for education during times of armed conflict.
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  MX3704   Bachelor of Arts   (BA)
  AK1288   Graduate Diploma in Arts   (GradDipArts)
  AK1289   Graduate Certificate in Arts   (GradCertArts)
  AK3704   Bachelor of Arts   (BA)
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  INEXCH1   International Exchange (Inbound)   (INEXCH)
  ICE1   Individual Course Enrolment   (ICE)
2024Semester 2
Class Stream Starting Ending Day Time Room
EDUC711/W201  17-Jul-2024  16-Oct-2024  WED  2:00 PM - 4:00 PM  WF602 
2025Semester 2
Class Stream Starting Ending Day Time Room
EDUC711/W201  21-Jul-2025  14-Nov-2025       
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