Qualification Table of Courses
Graduate Certificate in Science
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Level 5
Code Description Points
MATH505 Algebra and Calculus I 15.00
MATH502 Algebra and Discrete Mathematics 15.00
STAT500 Applied Statistics 15.00
ASTR500 Introductory Astronomy 15.00
MATH504 Introductory Mathematics for Science 15.00
STAT502 Introductory Probability and Statistics 15.00
DIGD507 Mahitahi | Collaborative Practices 15.00
COMP503 Object Oriented Programming 15.00
PHYS501 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 15.00
COMP500 Programming Concepts and Techniques 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
MATH605 Algebra and Calculus II 15.00
ASTR601 Astrophysics and Space Science 15.00
COMP612 Computer Graphics Programming 15.00
STAT603 Forecasting 15.00
COMP600 IT Project Management 15.00
MATH606 Modelling and Differential Equations I 15.00
MATH607 Quantitative Decision Analysis 15.00
ASTR600 Space, Time and Gravity 15.00
STAT605 Statistical Data Analytics 15.00
STAT604 Statistical Inference 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
MATH700 Financial Modelling and Computation 15.00
ASTR702 Frontiers of Astronomy and Space Science 15.00
STAT704 Industrial and Business Analytics 15.00
MATH707 Mathematical Computation 15.00
MATH709 Mathematical Modelling in Health and Biology 15.00
MATH708 Modelling and Differential Equations II 15.00
STAT705 Multivariate Data Analysis 15.00
ASTR701 Radio Astronomy 15.00
ASTR703 Space Science Technologies 15.00
STAT706 Stochastic Modelling 15.00
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