Qualification Table of Courses
Diploma in Arts
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Level 5
Code Description Points
ENGL503 A Pacific Reader 15.00
COMM570 Academic Communication: Conventions and Expectations 15.00
NZSL502 An Introduction to the Deaf World 15.00
HOSP501 Applied Food and Beverage Management (Kitchen) 15.00
HOSP502 Applied Food and Beverage Management (Restaurant) 15.00
STAT500 Applied Statistics 15.00
EDUC507 Children and Learning: Preparing the Future 15.00
SOSC585 Climate Action 15.00
CULN511 Commercial Culinary Practice 30.00
COMM512 Communication Ethics 15.00
ENGL500 Contemporary Language Studies 15.00
CWRT501 Creative Writing 15.00
CRIM580 Criminology and Criminal Justice 15.00
ENGL501 Critical Media Studies 15.00
EDUC503 Critical Questions in Education 15.00
EDUC553 Education in Aotearoa New Zealand 15.00
EDUC506 Education, Careers and Employability 15.00
FINA502 Finance for Hospitality, Tourism and Events – A Practical Approach 15.00
FOOD501 Food and the Senses 15.00
HIST504 Gender and Development in Asia and the Pacific since WWII 15.00
TOUR511 Global Issues and Tourism 15.00
HOSP509 Hospitable Social Enterprise 15.00
HOSP505 Hospitality Information Communication Technology 15.00
COMM514 Intercultural Communication 15.00
CLSY502 Intercultural Competence 15.00
HOSP507 International Hospitality Management 15.00
CONF500 Introduction to Conflict Resolution 15.00
HIST500 Introduction to New Zealand History 15.00
PSYC580 Introduction to Psychology A 15.00
PSYC501 Introduction to Psychology A 15.00
PSYC502 Introduction to Psychology B 15.00
SOSC584 Introduction to Social Data Analytics 15.00
EDUC511 Introduction to Social Education Practice 15.00
TRIN502 Introduction to Translation 15.00
TVSP590 Kaupapa Maori for Screens 15.00
CWRT560 Kaupapa Māori Storytelling 15.00
CLSY504 Knowledge and Inquiry 15.00
KORE500 Korean Language and Culture 1 15.00
COMM590 Learning in a Digital World 15.00
HEAL504 Lifespan Development and Communication 15.00
CLSY506 Lift Every Voice and Sing: Performing Social Justice 15.00
DIGD507 Mahitahi | Collaborative Practices 15.00
DIGM550 Making Digital Media I 15.00
MAOR510 Māori in Popular Culture 15.00
COMM516 Media Production Foundations 15.00
COMM517 Media Production Studio 15.00
COMM515 Media, Politics and Citizenship 15.00
COMM513 Media, Technology and Society 15.00
NZSL510 New Zealand Sign Language I 15.00
NZSL520 New Zealand Sign Language II 15.00
HOSP503 Organisation and Human Behaviour Perspectives 15.00
EDUC504 Places and Learning 15.00
ECON521 Principles of Macroeconomics 15.00
ECON520 Principles of Microeconomics 15.00
CULN510 Professional Culinary Arts 30.00
ENGL502 Reading New Zealand 15.00
EDUC512 Social Education: An Inquiry Approach 15.00
SOSC583 Social Institutions 15.00
SOSC582 Social Thinking 15.00
SPAN501 Spanish 1A 15.00
SPAN502 Spanish 1B 15.00
JAPA511 Speak Japanese I 15.00
SUSE501 Sustainability Leadership 15.00
MAOR506 Te Ekenga Waka Beginners Māori Language 2 15.00
MAOR505 Te Mānūtanga Beginners Māori Language 1 15.00
MAOR507 Te Matariki 15.00
COMM505 Text, Image and Sound 15.00
HIST501 The Holocaust: Its Causes, Character, and Legacy 15.00
TOUR512 Tourism and Sustainability 15.00
MAOR504 Treaty of Waitangi: Resistance and Repair 15.00
CRIM581 Understanding Crime 15.00
JAPA512 Write Japanese I 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
PSYC601 Abnormal Psychology 15.00
EVNT602 An Event Perspective 15.00
SOSC686 Analysing Social Data 15.00
POLS683 Aotearoa New Zealand Politics and Policy Making 15.00
NZSL602 Being in the Deaf World 15.00
HOSP607 Beverage Production, Practice, Rituals and Management 15.00
PSYC605 Brain and Behaviour 15.00
PSYC681 Cognitive Psychology 15.00
CONF682 Conflict Resolution: An Introduction 15.00
CULN602 Contemporary Cuisine in Aotearoa 30.00
CWRT603 Creative Writing: Storylines 15.00
CWRT602 Creative Writing: Voices 15.00
CRIM682 Crime and Deviance 15.00
SOSC685 Data Visualisation 15.00
HOSP608 Eating History: Exploring Food and Hospitality in Aotearoa New Zealand 15.00
EDUC607 Education, Resistance and Social Justice 15.00
EMPL601 Employment Relations 15.00
PHIL680 Ethics and Society 15.00
TOUR610 Ethics for Global Tourism 15.00
EVNT601 Event Planning 15.00
EDUC616 Exploring Global Citizenship 15.00
HOSP603 Facilities Development and Design 15.00
PSYC683 Foundations in Psychological Inquiry 15.00
GAST601 Gastronomy 15.00
EDUC608 Gender, Sexualities and Education 15.00
HOSP602 Hospitality Career Development 15.00
HOSP604 Hospitality Human Resource Management 15.00
CONF683 Human Rights and Human Wrongs 15.00
PACS601 Indigenous Media Approaches 15.00
PSYC680 Individuals and Identities 15.00
CLSY601 Intercultural Competence in a Global World 15.00
HOSP605 International Food and Beverage Management 15.00
TRIN603 Interpreter Role, Ethics and Practice 15.00
ECON622 Introduction to Econometrics 15.00
MAOR601 Ki te Hoe Intermediate Māori Language 1 15.00
ENGL601 Language and Communication 15.00
ENGL603 Language in Society 15.00
HRMG602 Learning and Development 15.00
EDUC606 Learning and Social Media 15.00
EDUC605 Learning, Diversity and Culture 15.00
ENGL600 Literature/Desire 15.00
ECON621 Macroeconomics: Models, Data and Policy 15.00
DIGM650 Making Digital Media II 15.00
SUSE602 Managing Environmental Issues in Business 15.00
SOSC682 Methods of Social Research 15.00
ECON620 Microeconomics: Choice and Welfare 15.00
NZSL600 New Zealand Sign Language Discourse 15.00
JOUR602 News Production 15.00
CULN603 Nutrition and Wellbeing 15.00
HIST692 Our People, Our Stories: Contemporary New Zealand Oral Histories 15.00
PSYC604 Personality 15.00
CRIM680 Policing and Society 15.00
ENGL602 Popular Genres 15.00
PSYC603 Psychological Assessment 15.00
HOSP606 Rooms Division Management 15.00
HOSP601 Service Management for Hospitality 15.00
SOSC684 Social Change 15.00
COMM600 Social Media: Voices for Change 15.00
PSYC602 Social Psychology 15.00
TRIN604 Societal Contexts for Interpreters and Translators 15.00
SPAN601 Spanish 2A 15.00
SPAN602 Spanish 2B 15.00
SPAN610 Spanish Language in Practice I 15.00
HIST691 Tā Moko: Marks of History and Identity 15.00
HIST693 Tāmaki Makaurau from 1100 to 1900 15.00
HRMG650 Te Ara Pou Leadership 15.00
HIST690 Te Tiriti O Waitangi: The Treaty of Waitangi 15.00
EVNT603 The Event Design Experience 15.00
PACS602 The Pacific in Popular Culture 15.00
TOUR612 The Responsible Tourist 15.00
MAOR602 Tōkihi hī Intermediate Māori Language 2 15.00
TOUR601 Tourism and Cultures of the World 15.00
TOUR611 Tourism and Natural Areas 15.00
TOUR613 Tourism Destination Field Study 15.00
TRIN601 Translation Skills: Analysis, Appropriateness and Accuracy 15.00
CRIM681 Understanding Crime 15.00
EDUC611 Understanding Diversity through Children’s Literature 15.00
COMM651 WeSpeak: Pronunciation, Phonology and Effective Communication 15.00
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