Qualification Table of Courses
Bachelor of Design Te Tohu Paetahi mō te Hoahoa
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Level 1
Code Description Points
ARDN101 Art and Design Tutorials 0.00
Level 5
Code Description Points
DIGD511 Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design 30.00
GRAD511 Communication Design Practice I 30.00
ARDN505 Digital Foundations 15.00
FASD511 Fashion Design Practice I 30.00
ARDN542 Finding Your Voice: Establishing publication practices 15.00
DESN513 Healthy Futures - Good Health Design 15.00
PRDD511 Industrial Design Practice I 30.00
INRD511 Interaction Design Practice I 30.00
ARDN502 Introduction to Creative Business 15.00
DESN511 Introduction to Design Practice 30.00
ARDN540 Introduction to Drawing, Motion and Animation 15.00
ARDN541 Introduction to Extended Reality 15.00
DIGD506 Introduction to Motion Capture 15.00
ARDN504 Introduction to Social and Environmental Justice 15.00
DIGD507 Mahitahi | Collaborative Practices 15.00
DESN512 Making and Media 15.00
ARDN517 Material Processes 15.00
ARDN514 Pattern Systems 15.00
SPAD511 Spatial and Interior Design Practice I 30.00
ARDN518 Special Topic 15.00
ARDN501 The Fundamentals of Filmmaking 15.00
ARDN516 The Photographic Image 15.00
ARDN511 The Traveller: Site-Related Practices 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
DIGD611 Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Practice II 30.00
DIGD612 Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Practice III 30.00
ARDN603 Cinematic Process 15.00
GRAD611 Communication Design Practice II 30.00
GRAD612 Communication Design Practice III 30.00
ARDN602 Creative Identity 15.00
ARDN662 Creative Management 15.00
ARDN608 Design and Ecology 15.00
ARDN607 Design and Society 15.00
DESN614 Design for Social and Emotional Wellbeing 15.00
DESN613 Designing with Care 15.00
ARDN640 Drawing and Storytelling 15.00
ARDN641 Drawing for Motion 15.00
ARDN634 Dynamics of Scale 15.00
ARDN643 Embodiment in Extended Reality 15.00
ARDN609 Emergent Origins 15.00
FASD611 Fashion Design Practice II 30.00
FASD612 Fashion Design Practice III 30.00
ARDN604 Film Preproduction 15.00
PRDD611 Industrial Design Practice II 30.00
PRDD612 Industrial Design Practice III 30.00
INRD611 Interaction Design Practice II 30.00
INRD612 Interaction Design Practice III 30.00
ARDN642 Journeys in Extended Reality 15.00
ARDN644 Making Voice Visible 15.00
DIGD606 Performance Capture 15.00
ARDN610 Remediating Emergence 15.00
SPAD611 Spatial and Interior Design Practice II 30.00
SPAD612 Spatial and Interior Design Practice III 30.00
ARDN627 Special Topic A 30.00
ARDN628 Special Topic B 45.00
ARDN645 The Collective Voice 15.00
ARDN621 The Contributor: Collaborative Practices 15.00
ARDN631 The Interpreted Image 15.00
ARDN632 The Manipulated Image 15.00
ARDN633 Towards Tactility 15.00
DIGD605 Visualising Motion Capture 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
ARDN740 Animated Drawing Project 15.00
DIGD711 Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Practice IV 30.00
ARDN704 Applied Sustainable Design Project 15.00
ARDN701 Cinema Production and Postproduction 15.00
GRAD711 Communication Design Practice IV 30.00
GRAD701 Communication Design Studio V 30.00
GRAD702 Communication Design Studio VI 45.00
ARDN702 Creative Entrepreneurship Project 15.00
INRD703 Design Research III 15.00
GRAD703 Design Research III 15.00
INRD704 Design Research IV 15.00
GRAD704 Design Research IV 15.00
SPAD704 Digital Techniques III 15.00
ARDN717 Experimental Surface Design IV 15.00
ARDN741 Extended Reality Project 15.00
FASD711 Fashion Design Practice IV 30.00
FASD705 Fashion Industry Practice 15.00
PRDD704 Human Centred Design 15.00
PRDD703 Industrial Design Context II 15.00
PRDD711 Industrial Design Practice IV 30.00
PRDD701 Industrial Design Studio V 30.00
PRDD702 Industrial Design Studio VI 45.00
DESN711 Integrated Design Practice 60.00
INRD711 Interaction Design Practice IV 30.00
INRD701 Interaction Design Studio V 30.00
INRD702 Interaction Design Studio VI 45.00
DIGD707 Motion Capture Project 15.00
DIGD708 Professional Practice for Digital Design 15.00
DESN713 Reimagining the Future of Health Together 15.00
SPAD711 Spatial Design Practice IV 30.00
SPAD701 Spatial Fabrication Studio III 30.00
SPAD703 Spatial Theory III 15.00
ARDN716 The Directed Image 15.00
ARDN711 The Event; Collaborative Practices 15.00
ARDN742 The Self-Published Voice 15.00
ARDN714 Thought and Practice 15.00
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