Qualification Table of Courses
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
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Level 5
Code Description Points
CHEM502 Biological and Solution Chemistry 15.00
BIOL500 Foundations of Life 15.00
MELS501 Histology and Cytology 15.00
HEAL505 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 15.00
MELS502 Introductory Immunology 15.00
MELS500 Introductory Laboratory and Histological Techniques 15.00
MATH504 Introductory Mathematics for Science 15.00
MICR501 Microbial Life 15.00
CHEM501 Principles of Chemistry 15.00
SCIE504 Science and Society 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
CHEM604 Analytical Chemistry 15.00
GENE603 Cells, Genes and Molecules 15.00
MELS611 Clinical and Chemical Pathology 15.00
MELS601 Clinical Chemistry I 15.00
GENE604 Diagnostic Genetics 15.00
PSYC683 Foundations in Psychological Inquiry 15.00
MELS602 Haematology I 15.00
HEAL609 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 15.00
MELS612 Immunohaematology 15.00
MELS605 Immunology and Virology 15.00
MELS610 Laboratory Information and Quality Management 15.00
MELS608 Laboratory Information Systems and Automation 15.00
MELS607 Medical Microbiology I 15.00
MELS603 Pathology I 15.00
MELS604 Pathology II 15.00
GENE602 Principles of Genetics 15.00
SCIE600 Scientific Inquiry 15.00
MELS606 Transfusion Science I 15.00
SCIE606 Vision Mātauranga: Science Practice in Aotearoa 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
MELS724 Advanced Chemical Pathology 15.00
MELS723 Advanced Haematology 15.00
MELS727 Advanced Histology and Cytology 15.00
MELS722 Advanced Immunology 15.00
MELS725 Advanced Medical Microbiology 15.00
MELS726 Advanced Transfusion Science 15.00
MELS701 Clinical Chemistry II 15.00
MELS702 Clinical Chemistry III 15.00
GENE703 Computational Genetics 15.00
MELS703 Haematology II 15.00
MELS704 Haematology III 15.00
MELS709 Histology II 15.00
MELS721 Histology III 15.00
MELS705 Immunology II 15.00
MELS706 Immunology III 15.00
SCIE705 Independent Learning 15.00
MELS719 Medical Microbiology II 15.00
MELS720 Medical Microbiology III 15.00
MELS711 MLS Clinical Training Clinical Chemistry 60.00
MELS714 MLS Clinical Training Haematology 60.00
MELS715 MLS Clinical Training Histology 60.00
MELS716 MLS Clinical Training Immunology 60.00
MELS717 MLS Clinical Training Medical Microbiology 60.00
MELS712 MLS Clinical Training Molecular Diagnostics 60.00
MELS718 MLS Clinical Training Transfusion Science 60.00
GENE702 Molecular Diagnostics 15.00
GENE701 Molecular Genetics 15.00
HEAL708 Professional Practice and Ethics 15.00
SCIE707 Science Capstone Project A 15.00
SCIE708 Science Capstone Project B 15.00
MELS707 Transfusion Science II 15.00
MELS708 Transfusion Science III 15.00
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