Qualification Table of Courses
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation
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Level 5
Code Description Points
SPOR503 Contemporary Issues in Sport and Recreation 15.00
SPOR001 Hākinakina Connect 0.00
MAOH501 Hauora Māori 15.00
HEAL507 Health and Environment 15.00
HEAL505 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 15.00
SPOR502 Innovative Planning in Sport and Recreation 15.00
HEAL506 Knowledge, Enquiry and Communication 15.00
SPOR504 Leadership in Sport and the Outdoors 15.00
HEAL504 Lifespan Development and Communication 15.00
NUTR501 Nutrition, Activity and Health 15.00
SPOR511 Skill Learning in Sport and Recreation 15.00
SPSC501 Sport and Exercise Science Fundamentals 15.00
SPOR501 Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa/New Zealand 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
HEAL607 15-Point Special Topic 15.00
HEAL608 30-Point Special Topic 30.00
SPOR613 Analysing Performance 15.00
SPSC602 Applied Anatomy 15.00
SPSC604 Applied Sports Biomechanics I 15.00
SPOR618 Contemporary Approaches to Outdoor Education 15.00
SPOR608 Evidence Based Practice 15.00
SPSC605 Exercise Physiology 15.00
SPSC603 Exercise Prescription and Assessment 15.00
SPOR624 Group and Individual Behaviour 15.00
SPOR623 International Internship in Sport and Recreation 30.00
SPOR610 Law and Ethics for Sport and Recreation 15.00
SPOR619 Maunga-Ngahere: Mountains and Bush 15.00
SPOR603 Motu-Moana: Islands and Sea 15.00
SPOR602 Roto-Awa: Lakes and Rivers 15.00
SPOR612 Skill Acquisition and Sport Psychology 15.00
NUTR601 Sport and Exercise Nutrition 15.00
SPOR607 Sport Development 15.00
SPOR614 Sport Finance 15.00
SPOR605 Sport Management 15.00
SPOR604 Sport Marketing 15.00
SPOR601 Sport, Health and Physical Education Studies 15.00
SPOR606 Sport, Health and Wellbeing 15.00
SPOR627 Sport, History and Society in New Zealand 15.00
MAOH602 Te Pūtake o te Waiora 15.00
SPOR609 Teaching, Leading and Coaching 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
HEAL706 15-Point Special Topic 15.00
HEAL707 30-Point Special Topic 30.00
SPSC702 Applied Sports Biomechanics II 15.00
SPSC701 Athletic Conditioning 15.00
SPSC703 Clinical Exercise Physiology 15.00
SPOR706 Health and Physical Education Philosophy and Pedagogy 15.00
SPOR701 Integrated Coaching Practice 15.00
SPOR705 Leadership in Sport and Recreation 15.00
NUTR701 Lifestyle Nutrition 15.00
SPOR708 Outdoor Education 15.00
SPOR707 Pedagogy and Performance 15.00
SPOR709 Sport & Recreation Cooperative I 30.00
SPMG701 Sport and Business Cooperative 60.00
SPOR710 Sport and Recreation Cooperative II 30.00
SPOR702 Sport Events and Entrepreneurship 15.00
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