Qualification Table of Courses
Individual Course Enrolment
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Level 4
Code Description Points
MATH401 Foundation Algebra 15.00
BIOL401 Foundation Biology 15.00
MATH402 Foundation Calculus 15.00
CHEM401 Foundation Chemistry 15.00
ECOL401 Foundation Ecology 15.00
MATH400 Foundation Mathematics 15.00
PHYS400 Foundation Physics A 15.00
PHYS401 Foundation Physics B 15.00
COMP401 Foundation Problem Solving 15.00
COMP400 Foundation Programming 15.00
STAT400 Foundation Statistics 15.00
ENGE400 Introduction to Engineering 15.00
ENGE401 Introductory Engineering Mathematics 15.00
Level 5
Code Description Points
ENME506 Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics 15.00
MATH505 Algebra and Calculus I 15.00
MATH502 Algebra and Discrete Mathematics 15.00
ENEL500 Analogue Electronics 15.00
DIGD511 Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design 30.00
STAT500 Applied Statistics 15.00
ARCH503 Architectural Communication 15.00
ARCH504 Architectural Ecologies I: Material Assemblies 15.00
ARCH502 Architectural Intelligence I: Anthropocene 15.00
CHEM502 Biological and Solution Chemistry 15.00
CHEM500 Chemistry in Our World 15.00
GRAD511 Communication Design Practice I 30.00
COMM512 Communication Ethics 15.00
COMP501 Computing Technology in Society 15.00
ENBU501 Construction Design and Implementation 15.00
ENBU506 Construction Organisation and Practice 15.00
ENBU502 Construction Technology I 15.00
VSAR504 Core Studio 30.00
COUN503 Counselling Knowledge and Skills I 15.00
COMP517 Data Analysis 15.00
COMP508 Database System Design 15.00
ENEL503 Digital Devices and Systems 15.00
ARDN505 Digital Foundations 15.00
INFS502 Digital Services in Information Technology 15.00
ENGE504 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals 15.00
ENEL507 Electrical Machines 15.00
ENEL506 Elements of Power Engineering 15.00
ENME502 Engineering Materials I 15.00
ENGE501 Engineering Mathematics I 15.00
ENGE503 Engineering Mechanics 15.00
ENVS502 Environmental Science Skills 15.00
VSAR508 Experimental Drawing: Scale and Process 15.00
VSAR509 Experimental Moving-Image: Scale and Time 15.00
FASD511 Fashion Design Practice I 30.00
ARDN542 Finding Your Voice: Establishing publication practices 15.00
FOOD501 Food and the Senses 15.00
FOOD502 Food Science 15.00
FOOD503 Food Technology 15.00
BIOL500 Foundations of Life 15.00
COUN501 Group Theory and Practice I 15.00
DESN513 Healthy Futures - Good Health Design 15.00
ENVS523 Human Geography 15.00
PRDD511 Industrial Design Practice I 30.00
ENEL510 Industrial Measurement and Control 15.00
INRD511 Interaction Design Practice I 30.00
COMM514 Intercultural Communication 15.00
BMED500 Introduction to Biomedical Science 15.00
ENBU503 Introduction to Construction Materials 15.00
ARDN502 Introduction to Creative Business 15.00
DESN511 Introduction to Design Practice 30.00
ARDN540 Introduction to Drawing, Motion and Animation 15.00
ARDN541 Introduction to Extended Reality 15.00
ENEL508 Introduction To Illumination Engineering 15.00
DIGD506 Introduction to Motion Capture 15.00
ARDN504 Introduction to Social and Environmental Justice 15.00
ENGE500 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering Design 15.00
ENME500 Introduction to Thermofluids and Energy 15.00
ASTR500 Introductory Astronomy 15.00
MATH504 Introductory Mathematics for Science 15.00
STAT502 Introductory Probability and Statistics 15.00
COMP507 IT Project Management 15.00
DIGD507 Mahitahi | Collaborative Practices 15.00
DESN512 Making and Media 15.00
ARDN517 Material Processes 15.00
MATH503 Mathematics for Computing 15.00
ENBU505 Measurement and Estimation 15.00
COMM516 Media Production Foundations 15.00
COMM517 Media Production Studio 15.00
COMM515 Media, Politics and Citizenship 15.00
COMM513 Media, Technology and Society 15.00
COMP504 Networks and Internet 15.00
COMP503 Object Oriented Programming 15.00
EASC500 Our Dynamic Earth 15.00
ENVS503 Our Total Environment 15.00
ARDN514 Pattern Systems 15.00
ENEL505 Personal Computer Engineering and Applications 15.00
ENVS521 Physical and Human Geography 15.00
PHYS501 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 15.00
CHEM501 Principles of Chemistry 15.00
ENBU504 Principles of Law for Construction 15.00
COMP500 Programming Concepts and Techniques 15.00
COUN502 Relational Counselling: History and Theories 15.00
SPAD511 Spatial and Interior Design Practice I 30.00
ENME505 Statics and Equilibrium 15.00
VSAR506 Studio 1: Image and Mark Making 30.00
VSAR507 Studio 1: Image and Object Making 30.00
COMM505 Text, Image and Sound 15.00
ARDN501 The Fundamentals of Filmmaking 15.00
ARDN516 The Photographic Image 15.00
ARDN511 The Traveller: Site-Related Practices 15.00
VSAR505 Visual Arts Contexts 15.00
ARCH500 Wānanga/Studio I: Relationships 30.00
ARCH501 Wānanga/Studio II: Materials and making 30.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
ADVT672 Advertising and Brand Creativity 15.00
MATH605 Algebra and Calculus II 15.00
COMP611 Algorithm Design and Analysis 15.00
CHEM604 Analytical Chemistry 15.00
ENME604 Applied Fluid Mechanics 15.00
ARCH603 Architectural Ecologies II: Environmental Performance 15.00
ARCH604 Architectural Ecologies III: Medium-scale Construction 15.00
ARCH602 Architectural Intelligence II: The Pacific City 15.00
ASTR601 Astrophysics and Space Science 15.00
CHEM602 Biochemistry 15.00
ENBU603 Building Construction I 15.00
ARDN603 Cinematic Process 15.00
COMP613 Combinatorics and Graph Theory 15.00
GRAD611 Communication Design Practice II 30.00
GRAD612 Communication Design Practice III 30.00
COMM607 Communication for Social Change 15.00
COMP612 Computer Graphics Programming 15.00
ENEL611 Computer Network Applications 15.00
EASC600 Concepts in Earth System Science 15.00
ENBU604 Construction Engineering Management I 15.00
ENBU600 Construction Materials 15.00
ENBU618 Construction Process Integration 15.00
ENBU605 Construction Technology II 15.00
CHEM686 Coordination Chemistry 15.00
ADVT671 Copywriting 15.00
COUN607 Counselling Knowledge, Skills and Issues 30.00
COUN603 Counselling Practicum I 30.00
CTEC605 Creative Audio 15.00
TVSP601 Creative Documentary Production 15.00
ARDN602 Creative Identity 15.00
ARDN662 Creative Management 15.00
ADVT673 Creative Principles and Strategy 15.00
CTEC607 Creative Technologies Studio III 30.00
CTEC608 Creative Technologies Studio IV 30.00
COMP610 Data Structures and Algorithms 15.00
ARDN608 Design and Ecology 15.00
ARDN607 Design and Society 15.00
DESN614 Design for Social and Emotional Wellbeing 15.00
DESN613 Designing with Care 15.00
CTEC603 Digital Fabrication 15.00
ARDN640 Drawing and Storytelling 15.00
ARDN641 Drawing for Motion 15.00
ARDN634 Dynamics of Scale 15.00
ENEL614 Electrical Building Services 15.00
ENEL607 Electronic Circuits 15.00
ENEL600 Electronics 15.00
ENEL602 Electronics Project 15.00
ENEL610 Embedded Digital Systems 15.00
ARDN643 Embodiment in Extended Reality 15.00
ARDN609 Emergent Origins 15.00
ENME602 Engineering Design Methodology 15.00
ENGE600 Engineering Management I 15.00
ENGE601 Engineering Mathematics II 15.00
ENTR680 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 15.00
ENVS604 Environmental Assessment and Monitoring 15.00
ENVS605 Environmental Cycles and Flows 15.00
ENVS606 Environmental Pressures, Threats and Risks 15.00
CTEC606 Experimental Imagery 15.00
FASD611 Fashion Design Practice II 30.00
FASD612 Fashion Design Practice III 30.00
ARDN604 Film Preproduction 15.00
MATH604 Financial Mathematics 15.00
FOOD601 Food Chemistry 15.00
FOOD602 Food Microbiology 15.00
FOOD604 Food Process Engineering 15.00
STAT603 Forecasting 15.00
COMP615 Foundations of Data Science 15.00
COMM608 Global Crises and Communication 15.00
COMM605 Global Media Giants 15.00
COUN606 Group Theory and Practice II 15.00
BIOL605 Health and Nutrition of Aquatic Organisms 15.00
EMGT601 Health, Risk and Disaster Resilience 15.00
ENMA600 Hydrostatics 15.00
ENEL615 Illumination Engineering 15.00
PRDD611 Industrial Design Practice II 30.00
PRDD612 Industrial Design Practice III 30.00
COMP607 Information Security Technologies 15.00
ENBU615 Innovation, Advanced Construction Systems and Sustainability 15.00
CHEM601 Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
INRD611 Interaction Design Practice II 30.00
INRD612 Interaction Design Practice III 30.00
CTEC602 Interactive Technology and Systems 15.00
ENEL608 Introduction to Microcontrollers 15.00
ENBU601 Introduction to Structural Engineering 15.00
COMP600 IT Project Management 15.00
ARDN642 Journeys in Extended Reality 15.00
CTEC600 Knowledge, Inquiry and Practice 15.00
ENBU617 Land Economy and Valuation 15.00
MATH601 Linear Algebra 15.00
ARDN644 Making Voice Visible 15.00
ENME607 Manufacturing Technology 15.00
ENGE602 Mathematics for Software Engineering 1 15.00
ENME611 Mechanics of Machines 15.00
ENME608 Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery 15.00
COMM606 Media Impacts and Effects 15.00
INFS605 Microservices 15.00
MATH606 Modelling and Differential Equations I 15.00
BMED600 Molecular Biomedicine 15.00
DIGM601 Moving Image Communication 15.00
BMED601 Natural Biomedical Products 15.00
INFS603 Needs Analysis, Acquisition and Training 15.00
COMP609 Network and System Administration 15.00
JOUR602 News Production 15.00
JOUR604 Newslab Live 30.00
ENSE602 Object Oriented Programming for Engineers 15.00
ENMA603 Offshore and Maritime Engineering 15.00
DIGM602 Online and Interactive Communication 15.00
COMP604 Operating Systems 15.00
ENME605 Operations Management for Manufacturing 15.00
CHEM603 Organic Chemistry 15.00
DIGD606 Performance Capture 15.00
COMM609 Performance for Professional Communication 15.00
PHYS600 Physics II 15.00
PUBL603 Power and Persuasion 15.00
COMP603 Program Design and Construction 15.00
PUBL602 Public Relations Practice and Specialisms 15.00
MATH607 Quantitative Decision Analysis 15.00
ENBU602 Quantity Surveying 15.00
RADC601 Radio Production: Context and Creativity 15.00
RADC602 Radio Production: Programming and Performance 15.00
ENBU614 Reflective Work Practice 15.00
ARDN610 Remediating Emergence 15.00
PUBL605 Reputation Management 15.00
ENBU616 Safety Engineering and Site Operations 15.00
TVSP605 Screen Production Management 15.00
TVSP603 Screen Theory in Action 15.00
INFS604 Service modelling 15.00
ENMA601 Ship Design and Production 15.00
TVSP604 Short Film Production 15.00
ENEL601 Signals and Systems 15.00
ENSE600 Software Construction 15.00
COMP602 Software Development Practice 15.00
ENSE601 Software Team Project 15.00
ENME609 Solid Mechanics I 15.00
RADC604 Sound Production: Podcasting 15.00
ASTR600 Space, Time and Gravity 15.00
SPAD611 Spatial and Interior Design Practice II 30.00
SPAD612 Spatial and Interior Design Practice III 30.00
STAT605 Statistical Data Analytics 15.00
STAT604 Statistical Inference 15.00
COMP616 Statistics for Data Science 15.00
PUBL604 Strategic Messaging 15.00
ENME610 Strength of Materials I 15.00
TVSP602 Studio Production 15.00
CTEC601 Synthetic Realities 15.00
EASC601 Tectonic Processes and Climate Change 15.00
ARDN645 The Collective Voice 15.00
ARDN621 The Contributor: Collaborative Practices 15.00
ARDN631 The Interpreted Image 15.00
JOUR603 The Laws and Ethics of Newswork 15.00
ARDN632 The Manipulated Image 15.00
CHEM605 Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics 15.00
ENME615 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 15.00
ARDN633 Towards Tactility 15.00
VSAR601 Visual Arts Studio II 60.00
VSAR602 Visual Arts Theory II 30.00
DIGM603 Visual Communication 15.00
DIGD605 Visualising Motion Capture 15.00
COMM611 Voice Production 15.00
ARCH600 Wānanga/Studio III: Mauri Ora I 30.00
ARCH601 Wānanga/Studio IV: Mauri Ora II 30.00
RADC603 Web Media for Radio 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
CHEM702 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 15.00
ADVT777 Advanced Art Direction and Copywriting 15.00
ENVS705 Advanced Environmental Science Skills 15.00
CHEM706 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
BMED700 Advanced Molecular Biomedicine 15.00
COMP714 Advanced Network Technologies 15.00
RADC703 Advanced Radio Practice 15.00
TVSP704 Advanced Studio Production 15.00
ECOL731 Animal Behaviour and Ecology 15.00
ADVT780 Applied Creative Strategies 15.00
ADVT778 Applied Creativity for Social Change 15.00
COMP719 Applied Human Computer Interaction 15.00
STAT700 Applied Stochastic Models 15.00
ARDN704 Applied Sustainable Design Project 15.00
ENBU700 Architectural Design and Sustainability 15.00
ARCH703 Architectural Ecologies IV: Integrated Systems 15.00
ARCH702 Architectural Intelligence III: Innovation in practice 15.00
ENBU703 Architecture and Design Development I 15.00
COMP717 Artificial Intelligence 15.00
EASC700 Biogeochemical Cycles and Global Change 15.00
BMED701 Biomedical Science 15.00
BIOL743 Biomedical Technology 15.00
COMP726 Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies 15.00
ENBU711 Building Energy Management 15.00
BIOL703 Cancer Biology 15.00
ARDN701 Cinema Production and Postproduction 15.00
ENEL704 Circuit Theory 15.00
ENBU718 Commercial Management and Dispute Resolution 15.00
GRAD701 Communication Design Studio V 30.00
GRAD702 Communication Design Studio VI 45.00
ENEL700 Communication Engineering 15.00
ENBU705 Concrete Structures 15.00
ENBU708 Construction Engineering Management II 15.00
ENBU707 Construction Planning 15.00
ENBU713 Construction Technology III 15.00
ENSE701 Contemporary Issues in Software Engineering 15.00
ENME706 Control Engineering 15.00
COUN705 Counselling Knowledge and Skills III 30.00
COUN704 Counselling Practicum II 30.00
ARDN702 Creative Entrepreneurship Project 15.00
JOUR718 Creative Non-Fiction Narratives 30.00
TVSP710 Creative Screen Practice 15.00
TVSP701 Creative Screen Project 30.00
CTEC708 Creative Technologies Studio V 30.00
CTEC709 Creative Technologies Studio VI 30.00
CTEC705 Creative Workflows 15.00
COMP723 Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering 15.00
ENEL709 Design Project 15.00
INRD703 Design Research III 15.00
GRAD703 Design Research III 15.00
INRD704 Design Research IV 15.00
GRAD704 Design Research IV 15.00
DIGM706 Digital Audio 15.00
DIGM711 Digital Communication Project 15.00
PUBL701 Digital Public Relations 15.00
ENEL706 Digital Systems Development 30.00
SPAD704 Digital Techniques III 15.00
COMM716 Directing Professional Performance 15.00
BMED702 Drug Delivery and Formulation 15.00
ENVS704 Ecological Management and Modelling 15.00
ENEL712 Embedded Systems Design 15.00
CTEC702 Emerging Practices 15.00
ENME700 Engineering Materials II 15.00
ENGE702 Engineering Mathematics III 15.00
COMP729 Enterprise Networks 15.00
ENVS703 Environmental Chemistry 15.00
ENVS706 Environmental Problem Solving and Decision Making 15.00
ENVS707 Environmental Science Policy and Practice 15.00
BIOL702 Estuarine Ecology 15.00
TVSP711 Evolving Modes of Screen Production 15.00
ARDN717 Experimental Surface Design IV 15.00
FASD705 Fashion Industry Practice 15.00
ENEL705 Fields and Waves 15.00
MATH700 Financial Modelling and Computation 15.00
ENME711 Fluids and Thermodynamics 15.00
FOOD702 Food Design and Packaging 15.00
FOOD703 Food Industry Legislation 15.00
FOOD701 Food Product Development 30.00
FOOD741 Food Safety Systems 15.00
FOOD704 Food Systems 15.00
ASTR702 Frontiers of Astronomy and Space Science 15.00
ENVS721 Geo-spatial analysis 15.00
ENBU701 Geotechnical Engineering 15.00
ENVS702 GIS - Geographical Information Systems 15.00
ENBU704 Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems (HVAC) 15.00
COMP716 Highly Secure Systems 15.00
PRDD704 Human Centred Design 15.00
PRDD703 Industrial Design Context II 15.00
PRDD701 Industrial Design Studio V 30.00
PRDD702 Industrial Design Studio VI 45.00
ADVT779 Industry Practice Studio 15.00
COMP718 Information Security Management 15.00
ENEL702 Instrumentation and Control Systems 15.00
INRD701 Interaction Design Studio V 30.00
INRD702 Interaction Design Studio VI 45.00
COMP728 Internet of Things and Applications 15.00
COUN706 Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Approaches 15.00
INFS702 IT Service Management 15.00
ENBU717 Leadership and People Management 15.00
MATH704 Linear Partial Differential Equations 15.00
ENGE706 Mathematics for Software Engineering II 15.00
ENME702 Mechanical Design 15.00
ENME703 Mechatronics and Control 15.00
CHEM786 Modern Topics in Organic Chemistry 15.00
DIGM709 Motion Media 15.00
CHEM701 Natural Products 15.00
COMP701 Nature Inspired Computing 15.00
COMP715 Network Security 15.00
JOUR717 Newsdays 30.00
MATH703 Numerical Analysis 15.00
BIOL701 Oceanography 15.00
DIGM712 Online Strategies 15.00
CHEM704 Organic Synthesis and Molecular Design 15.00
ECOL701 Plant Ecology 15.00
ENEL701 Power Electronic Systems 15.00
ENEL703 Power Systems Engineering 15.00
COMM717 Professional Performance for Camera 15.00
COMP712 Programming Languages 15.00
CHEM707 Protein and Metabolic Chemistry 15.00
PUBL709 Public Image and Campaigns 15.00
PUBL707 Public Relations Theory and Practice 15.00
ENBU719 Quantity Surveying Practice and Advanced Measurement 15.00
CHEM705 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy 15.00
ASTR701 Radio Astronomy 15.00
RADC701 Radio Project 15.00
RADC706 Radio Studio 15.00
ENVS723 Remote Sensing 15.00
MATH705 Research Project 30.00
FOOD705 Sensory Evaluation 15.00
INFS704 Service Innovation and Design 15.00
ENVS722 Socio-ecological Systems Analysis 15.00
ENME704 Solid Mechanics II 15.00
ASTR703 Space Science Technologies 15.00
CTEC700 Space, Image and Sound 15.00
SPAD701 Spatial Fabrication Studio III 30.00
SPAD703 Spatial Theory III 15.00
ENBU706 Steel Structures 15.00
TVSP709 Story Lab 15.00
ENME709 Strength of Materials II 15.00
ENBU702 Structural Analysis 15.00
ENEL710 Sustainable Energy for Renewable Power 15.00
ENME701 System Dynamics and Vibrations 15.00
COMP700 Text and Vision Intelligence 15.00
ARDN716 The Directed Image 15.00
COMM705 The Music Industries 15.00
COMP711 Theory of Computation 15.00
ENME713 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 15.00
CTEC704 Transmedia Narratives 15.00
COMP770 Virtual and Immersive Environments 15.00
DIGM701 Virtual Cinematics 15.00
VSAR703 Visual Arts Professional Practice 15.00
VSAR701 Visual Arts Studio III 75.00
VSAR702 Visual Arts Theory III 15.00
ARCH700 Wānanga/Studio V: Innovation 30.00
ARCH701 Wānanga/Studio VI: Building Complex 30.00
COMP721 Web Development 15.00
DIGM707 Web Media 15.00
Level 8
Code Description Points
ENVS802 Advanced Applications in Geographic Information Systems 30.00
ENBU814 Advanced Built Environment 15.00
ENME811 Advanced CAD/CAM Applications 30.00
ECOL801 Advanced Ecology 15.00
PUBH809 Advanced Epidemiology and Health Metrics 15.00
MATH802 Advanced Financial Modelling and Analytics 15.00
FOOD807 Advanced Food Processing and Technology 30.00
ENGE813 Advanced Integrated Project Management 15.00
ENGE808 Advanced Measuring Systems 15.00
ENME804 Advanced Mechanical Design 15.00
FOOD805 Advanced Sensory Analysis of Foods 15.00
STAT802 Advanced Topics in Analytics 15.00
ARCH810 Advanced topics in Architecture 15.00
ENVS806 Advances in Geospatial Analysis 15.00
ENSE880 Agile Information Technology Project Management 15.00
ENVS801 Applications of Geographical Information Systems 15.00
COMP842 Applied Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies 15.00
ARCH802 Architectural Practice I: Histories and Theories of Practice 15.00
ARCH806 Architectural Practice II: Research Methods 15.00
ARCH804 Architectural Practice III: Project Delivery 15.00
ARCH805 Architectural Practice IV: Business and Entrepreneurship 15.00
ENBU802 Architectural Systems 15.00
ENBU803 Architecture and Design Development II 15.00
COMP813 Artificial Intelligence 15.00
CHEM805 Biological Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
CHEM806 Biological Inorganic Chemistry II 15.00
BIOL801 Biomedical Science and Technology 30.00
ENME806 Biomedical Thermofluids Modelling 15.00
EMGT809 Building Community Resilience 15.00
ENBU804 Building Construction II 15.00
EMGT804 Building Resilient Communities 30.00
ENBU811 Built Asset Management 15.00
EMGT803 Business Continuity and Crisis Management 30.00
CHEM803 Chemistry for Drug Discovery 15.00
INFS803 Cloud Computing 15.00
EMGT806 Communications in Emergency and Disaster 15.00
STAT805 Computational Mathematics and Statistics 15.00
ENME802 Computer Aided Engineering and Analysis 15.00
ENBU818 Construction Economics 7.50
ENBU807 Construction Equipment and Utilisation 15.00
ENBU808 Construction Technology 15.00
COMP830 Cryptography and Cryptanalysis 15.00
FOOD804 Current Topics in Food Science 30.00
COMP831 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity 15.00
COMP809 Data Mining and Machine Learning 15.00
COMP810 Data Warehousing and Big Data 15.00
COMP838 Deep Learning 15.00
CHEM804 Design and Synthesis of Light-Responsive Molecules 15.00
ENEL809 Digital Control 15.00
COMP832 Digital Forensics Tools and Techniques 15.00
ENSE807 Digital Signal Processing 15.00
ENSE808 Digital Systems Design 15.00
ENSE881 Digital Transformation and Change Management 15.00
EMGT808 Disasters and Development 15.00
ENBU801 Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 15.00
ENGE814 Economics and Finance for Engineers 15.00
ENEL803 Electrical Design and Protection 15.00
ENSE810 Embedded Software Engineering 15.00
EMGT802 Emergency and Disaster Management 30.00
ENGE815 Engineering Corporate Social Responsibility 15.00
ENGE800 Engineering Numerical Techniques and Statistical Analysis 15.00
ENBU812 Engineering Resource Efficiency 15.00
ENBU821 Engineering Supply Chain Management 15.00
EMGT807 Environmental Change and Humanitarian Action 15.00
EMGT801 Extreme Situations Management 15.00
FOOD806 Food Product Development 30.00
FOOD801 Food Science 30.00
ENSE803 Formal Specification and Design 15.00
ENBU805 Foundation Engineering 15.00
ENME803 Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis 15.00
FOOD802 Frontiers of Food Microbiology 30.00
ENVS807 Geospatial Customisation and Visualisation 15.00
ENVS808 Geospatial Internship 15.00
ENVS804 Geospatial Science for Conservation 15.00
ENVS803 GIS and Programming 15.00
PUBH803 Global Health 15.00
CHEM802 Green and Sustainable Chemistry 15.00
COMP822 Human Computer Interaction 15.00
ENME800 Industrial Robotics: Mechanics and Planning 15.00
COMP821 Information Security 15.00
ENSE883 Information Technology Project Portfolios in Organisations 15.00
INFS813 Information Technology Strategy and Policy 15.00
ENGE803 Innovation Management 15.00
ENBU816 International Construction I 15.00
BIOL803 Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis 15.00
ENBU820 Law for Construction Management 15.00
ECOL802 Macroecology and Biogeography 15.00
ENBU813 Management in the Construction Industry 7.50
MATH803 Mathematical Modelling and Simulation 15.00
COMH803 Mauri Oho – Agents of Socioecological Change in Violence and Trauma 15.00
COMH805 Mauri Ora – Holistic Healing from Trauma 15.00
COMH804 Mauri Tau – Restoring Balance and Resolving Conflict 15.00
CHEM809 Metabolites and Proteins 15.00
COMP826 Mobile Systems Development 15.00
CHEM808 Molecular Spectroscopy 15.00
COMP815 Nature Inspired Computing 15.00
COMP833 Network Security and Forensics 15.00
COMP800 Neuroinformatics 15.00
STAT803 Official Statistics 15.00
ENBU806 Off-Site Construction 15.00
STAT804 Optimisation and Operations Research 15.00
PUBH810 Pacific Health Research and Design 15.00
COMH802 Pae Ora – Optimising Practice in Violence and Trauma 15.00
CHEM801 Physical Chemistry I 15.00
ENEL813 Power Systems in Quality Management 15.00
PUBH801 Principles of Public Health 15.00
ENBU819 Project Management in Construction 15.00
EMGT805 Psychosocial Aspects of Emergencies 15.00
PUBH804 Public Health Policy and Systems 15.00
PUBH802 Public Health Programme Management 15.00
FOOD803 Recent Trends in Food Science 15.00
ENGE807 Selected Topics in System Modelling 15.00
EPMY801 Social Epidemiology 15.00
COMP806 Software Architecture 15.00
ENGE816 Specialist Readings: Engineering Project Management 15.00
HEAL849 Speciality Practicum 30.00
STAT806 Statistical Programming for Data Science 15.00
ENGE817 STEM Research Methods 15.00
ENEL804 Sustainable Energy Systems 15.00
ENSE882 Team Facilitation for Information Technology Projects 15.00
COMP814 Text Mining 15.00
COMH801 Tipu Ora: Theories and Perspectives in Violence and Trauma 30.00
COMP820 Video and Image Processing 15.00
ARCH801 Wananga Studio II: Resolution 30.00
ARCH800 Wānanga/Studio I: Strategy 30.00
ENEL800 Wireless Systems 15.00
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