Qualification Table of Courses
Bachelor of Arts (NZSL-English Interpreting)
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Level 5
Code Description Points
COMM570 Academic Communication: Conventions and Expectations 15.00
NZSL502 An Introduction to the Deaf World 15.00
CLSY502 Intercultural Competence 15.00
PHIL500 Introduction to Philosophy 15.00
SOSC584 Introduction to Social Data Analytics 15.00
CLSY504 Knowledge and Inquiry 15.00
COMM590 Learning in a Digital World 15.00
NZSL510 New Zealand Sign Language I 15.00
NZSL520 New Zealand Sign Language II 15.00
CLSY508 Pathways to Academic Success 15.00
SOSC582 Social Thinking 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
NZSL602 Being in the Deaf World 15.00
TRIN603 Interpreter Role, Ethics and Practice 15.00
NZSL600 New Zealand Sign Language Discourse 15.00
NZSL603 New Zealand Sign Language III 15.00
NZSL610 New Zealand Sign Language III 15.00
NZSL620 New Zealand Sign Language IV 15.00
TRIN604 Societal Contexts for Interpreters and Translators 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
TRIN705 Advanced Health Interpreting 15.00
TRIN708 Advanced Legal Interpreting 15.00
NZSL703 Comparative Analysis of English and NZSL 15.00
NZSL702 Current Issues in the Deaf World 15.00
TRIN704 Health Studies for Interpreters 15.00
TRIN702 Legal Studies for Interpreters 15.00
NZSL710 New Zealand Sign Language V 15.00
NZSL704 NZSL Interpreting I - Dialogic Interactions 15.00
NZSL705 NZSL Interpreting II - Monologic Interactions 15.00
NZSL706 NZSL Interpreting III - Advanced Interpreting Techniques 15.00
NZSL707 NZSL Interpreting Practicum Experience I - Observations 15.00
NZSL708 NZSL Interpreting Practicum Experience II - Professional Practice 15.00
NZSL701 NZSL IV 15.00
NZSL700 Special Topic (Deaf Studies) 15.00
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