Qualification Table of Courses
Graduate Certificate in Business
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Level 5
Code Description Points
ACCT502 Accounting Essentials 15.00
ACCT503 Accounting Systems and Analytics 15.00
INTB501 Business and Strategy in a Changing World 15.00
ECON505 Business Economics and Data Analysis 15.00
BSYS501 Business Information Systems 15.00
BUSS505 Consumer and Organisational Behaviour 15.00
BUSS508 Economics and International Business 15.00
BUSS509 Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability 15.00
FINA503 Financial Analysis 15.00
BUSS507 Financial Decision Making and Information Systems 15.00
BUSS510 Foundations of Data Strategy 15.00
ENTR501 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation 15.00
FINA501 Introduction to Finance 15.00
BUSS511 Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics 15.00
LAWS541 Law for New Zealand Business 15.00
MGMT501 Managing and Organising 15.00
FINA504 Māori Indigenous Business and Finance 15.00
MKTG501 Marketing Insights 15.00
ECON521 Principles of Macroeconomics 15.00
ECON520 Principles of Microeconomics 15.00
SUSE501 Sustainability Leadership 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
ACCT608 Accounting for Social Impact 15.00
ACCT605 Accounting Legal and Regulatory Framework 15.00
BSYS602 Business Data Management 15.00
BSYS601 Business Process Management 15.00
INTB605 Business Strategy 15.00
MKTG603 Consumer Behaviour 15.00
FINA601 Corporate Finance 15.00
FINA606 Data Analysis for Business 15.00
INTB603 Dynamic Environments 15.00
EMPL601 Employment Relations 15.00
ACCT602 Financial Accounting 15.00
ACCT606 Financial Management for Accountants 15.00
BSYS605 Goods and Services Procurement 15.00
HRMG601 Human Resource Management 15.00
INTB604 International Business Management 15.00
ECON622 Introduction to Econometrics 15.00
FINA602 Investment and Portfolio Analysis 15.00
LAWS641 Law of Business Organisations 15.00
MGMT603 Leadership for Change 15.00
HRMG602 Learning and Development 15.00
ECON621 Macroeconomics: Models, Data and Policy 15.00
ACCT603 Management Accounting 15.00
BUSS613 Managing Business Data for Analytics 15.00
SUSE602 Managing Environmental Issues in Business 15.00
ENTR601 Māori Indigenous Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation 15.00
MGMT604 Māori Indigenous Management and Marketing 15.00
MKTG602 Marketing Relationships 15.00
MKTG601 Marketing Research 15.00
ECON620 Microeconomics: Choice and Welfare 15.00
BSYS604 Operations Management 15.00
FINA605 Personal Finance 15.00
BUSS614 Predictive Analytics for Business 15.00
BSYS603 Project Management 15.00
MGMT602 Small and Medium Enterprise Management 15.00
FINA608 Social Impact for Finance 15.00
BUSS603 Special Topic 15.00
BUSS602 Special Topic 15.00
BUSS601 Special Topic 15.00
ACCT607 Sustainability Accounting and Reporting 15.00
ACCT604 Taxation 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
ACCT701 Advanced Accounting Information Systems 15.00
ACCT702 Advanced Financial Accounting 15.00
ACCT703 Advanced Management Accounting 15.00
ECON722 Applied Econometrics: Causal Inference for Social Impact 15.00
ECON721 Applied Macroeconometrics 15.00
ACCT704 Auditing 15.00
ECON712 Behavioural Economics 15.00
ENTR702 Business Models for Commercialising Innovation 15.00
MKTG716 Consumer Behaviour and Sports Branding 15.00
BSYS702 Cyber-security and risk management 15.00
BUSS719 Data Strategy 15.00
BUSS710 Design for Value Creation 15.00
BSYS706 Designing Systems for Contemporary Enterprises 15.00
BSYS705 Digital Transformation and Social Impact 15.00
MKTG703 Digital, Social Media and Mobile Marketing 15.00
HRMG701 Diversity and Inclusion for Social Impact 15.00
ECON711 Economic Policy Evaluation 15.00
BSYS701 Enterprise Information Systems 15.00
FINA706 Financial Institutions and Markets 15.00
FINA702 Financial Risk Management 15.00
HRMG703 Global Mobility 15.00
INTB706 Global Social Impact 15.00
INTB708 Innovation and Technology Strategy 15.00
MKTG702 Integrated Marketing Communications 15.00
ACCT705 International Accounting 15.00
FINA701 International Corporate Finance 15.00
MKTG717 International Sales Management 15.00
BSYS704 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 15.00
MGMT704 Management for Social Impact 15.00
BUSS730 Māori Indigenous Business Project 15.00
MKTG704 Marketing for Social Impact 15.00
ECON720 Microeconomics: Competition, Risk and Strategy 15.00
ACCT709 Not-for-profit Accounting and Accountability 15.00
MGMT708 Organising for the Future of Work 15.00
MKTG718 Retailing in an Omnichannel World 15.00
MGMT707 Risk Management 15.00
ENTR701 Social Entrepreneurship: Inspiring Innovation and Impact 15.00
BUSS709 Special Topic 15.00
BUSS708 Special Topic 15.00
BUSS707 Special Topic 15.00
BUSS711 Special Topic 30.00
BUSS705 Special Topic 15.00
BUSS704 Special Topic 15.00
INTB709 Strategic Design 15.00
MKTG701 Strategic Marketing 15.00
INTB707 Strategy in Uncertain Times 15.00
MGMT705 Stress and Resilience at Work 15.00
SUSE701 Sustainability Consultant Project 15.00
EMPL704 The Dynamics of Employment Regulations 15.00
EMPL702 Workplace Health and Safety 15.00
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