Qualification Table of Courses
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)
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Level 5
Code Description Points
MATH502 Algebra and Discrete Mathematics 15.00
STAT500 Applied Statistics 15.00
ENVS501 Biodiversity 15.00
CHEM502 Biological and Solution Chemistry 15.00
BIOL501 Biological Sampling and Interpretation 15.00
SCIE503 Biophysics 15.00
ECOL501 Ecology and Evolution 15.00
FOOD502 Food Science 15.00
MAOH501 Hauora Māori 15.00
HEAL507 Health and Environment 15.00
MELS501 Histology and Cytology 15.00
HEAL505 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 15.00
ENVS523 Human Geography 15.00
EPMY501 Introduction to Epidemiology 15.00
COMP505 Introduction to Programming 15.00
PSYC501 Introduction to Psychology A 15.00
PSYC580 Introduction to Psychology A 15.00
PSYC502 Introduction to Psychology B 15.00
ASTR500 Introductory Astronomy 15.00
HEAL506 Knowledge, Enquiry and Communication 15.00
MICR501 Microbial Life 15.00
COMP504 Networks and Internet 15.00
ENVS522 Our Dynamic Earth 15.00
BIOL502 Plants and Animals 15.00
CHEM501 Principles of Chemistry 15.00
COMP500 Programming Concepts and Techniques 15.00
SCIE504 Science and Society 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
PSYC601 Abnormal Psychology 15.00
COMP611 Algorithm Design and Analysis 15.00
CHEM604 Analytical Chemistry 15.00
BIOL604 Aquaculture 15.00
ASTR601 Astrophysics and Space Science 15.00
CHEM602 Biochemistry 15.00
ENVS622 Biogeography 15.00
BIOL602 Biology of Marine Organisms 15.00
PSYC605 Brain and Behaviour 15.00
GENE603 Cells, Genes and Molecules 15.00
PSYC681 Cognitive Psychology 15.00
COMP613 Combinatorics and Graph Theory 15.00
MICR603 Communicable Diseases 15.00
COMP612 Computer Graphics Programming 15.00
CONS621 Conservation Planning 15.00
CHEM686 Coordination Chemistry 15.00
COMP610 Data Structures and Algorithms 15.00
BIOL601 Deep Sea Biology 15.00
ECOL603 Ecology Concepts I 15.00
ECOL604 Ecology Concepts II 15.00
ENVS603 Environmental Health 15.00
ENVS601 Environmental Law 15.00
MICR601 Environmental Microbiology 15.00
ENVS602 Environmental Risk Assessment 15.00
MATH604 Financial Mathematics 15.00
FOOD601 Food Chemistry 15.00
FOOD602 Food Microbiology 15.00
FOOD604 Food Process Engineering 15.00
FOOD603 Food Technology 15.00
STAT603 Forecasting 15.00
ECOL601 Freshwater Ecology 15.00
ENVS621 Geographic Information Systems 15.00
GEOL601 Geology, Landscape and Environment 15.00
SCIE605 Graphs R Us: Data Visualisation with R 15.00
HEAL609 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 15.00
PSYC680 Individuals and Identities 15.00
MICR602 Industrial Microbiology 15.00
CHEM601 Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
MATH601 Linear Algebra 15.00
BIOL603 Marine Invertebrates 15.00
MELS607 Medical Microbiology I 15.00
HEAL610 Methods of Research and Enquiry 15.00
COMP604 Operating Systems 15.00
CHEM603 Organic Chemistry 15.00
PSYC604 Personality 15.00
SCIE601 Physical Measurement 15.00
PHYS600 Physics II 15.00
ENVS623 Planning for Environmental Sustainability 15.00
ENVS624 Plant and Animal Taxonomy 15.00
GENE602 Principles of Genetics 15.00
COMP603 Program Design and Construction 15.00
PSYC603 Psychological Assessment 15.00
SCIE602 Research Techniques 15.00
GEOL602 Sedimentary Rocks & Environments 15.00
PSYC602 Social Psychology 15.00
ASTR600 Space, Time and Gravity 15.00
ECOL602 Terrestrial Ecology 15.00
CHEM605 Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics 15.00
SCIE606 Vision Mātauranga: Science Practice in Aotearoa 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
CHEM702 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 15.00
MICR702 Advanced Food Microbiology 15.00
CHEM706 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
HEAL709 Advanced Research Methods in Psychology 15.00
ECOL731 Animal Behaviour and Ecology 15.00
CONS701 Applied Conservation 15.00
COMP719 Applied Human Computer Interaction 15.00
PSYC781 Applied Issues in Cultural and Social Psychology 15.00
STAT700 Applied Stochastic Models 15.00
PSYC707 Approaches to Psychological Intervention 15.00
COMP717 Artificial Intelligence 15.00
BIOL742 Biomedical Science 15.00
BIOL743 Biomedical Technology 15.00
PSYC704 Biopsychology 15.00
MICR701 Biotechnology 15.00
BIOL703 Cancer Biology 15.00
GENE703 Computational Genetics 15.00
ENSE701 Contemporary Issues in Software Engineering 15.00
SCIE702 Cooperative Education 60.00
PSYC702 Critical Evaluation in Psychology 15.00
GEOL702 Earth Materials 15.00
ENVS704 Ecological Management and Modelling 15.00
PSYC780 Emotions and Human Nature 15.00
ENVS703 Environmental Chemistry 15.00
BIOL702 Estuarine Ecology 15.00
PSYC701 Experimental and Applied Behaviour Analysis 15.00
PSYC703 Experimental and Applied Behaviour Analysis II 15.00
MATH700 Financial Modelling and Computation 15.00
FOOD702 Food Design and Packaging 15.00
FOOD701 Food Product Development 30.00
FOOD741 Food Safety Systems 15.00
FOOD704 Food Systems 15.00
ASTR702 Frontiers of Astronomy and Space Science 15.00
COMP710 Game Programming 15.00
GEOL704 Geohazards and Risk 15.00
ENVS721 Geo-spatial analysis 15.00
BIOL712 Health Protection 15.00
PSYC706 Health Psychology 15.00
COMP716 Highly Secure Systems 15.00
SCIE705 Independent Learning 15.00
MATH704 Linear Partial Differential Equations 15.00
GENE704 Microbial Genetics 15.00
MELS712 MLS Clinical Training Molecular Diagnostics 60.00
CHEM786 Modern Topics in Organic Chemistry 15.00
GENE702 Molecular Diagnostics 15.00
GENE701 Molecular Genetics 15.00
BIOL741 Natural Compounds 15.00
CHEM701 Natural Products 15.00
MATH703 Numerical Analysis 15.00
BIOL701 Oceanography 15.00
CHEM704 Organic Synthesis and Molecular Design 15.00
ECOL732 Pacific Island Ecosystems 15.00
PHMY701 Pharmacology for Professional Practice 15.00
ECOL701 Plant Ecology 15.00
PSYC705 Positive Psychology 15.00
COMP712 Programming Languages 15.00
CHEM707 Protein and Metabolic Chemistry 15.00
CHEM705 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy 15.00
ASTR701 Radio Astronomy 15.00
ENVS723 Remote Sensing 15.00
MATH705 Research Project 30.00
SCIE701 Research Project 30.00
FOOD705 Sensory Evaluation 15.00
ENVS722 Socio-ecological Systems Analysis 15.00
ASTR703 Space Science Technologies 15.00
MATH701 Special Topic A 15.00
MATH702 Special Topic B 15.00
GEOL701 Structural Geology and Tectonics 15.00
SCIE706 Sustainability Research Project 15.00
COMP711 Theory of Computation 15.00
GEOL703 Volcanology 15.00
CONS721 Wildlife Conservation 15.00
Level 8
Code Description Points
ENVS802 Advanced Applications in Geographic Information Systems 30.00
MASC801 Advanced Biological Oceanography 15.00
ECOL801 Advanced Ecology 15.00
MATH802 Advanced Financial Modelling and Analytics 15.00
FOOD807 Advanced Food Processing and Technology 30.00
SCIE808 Advanced Scientific Inquiry 15.00
FOOD805 Advanced Sensory Analysis of Foods 15.00
SCIE807 Advanced Statistical Modelling 15.00
STAT802 Advanced Topics in Analytics 15.00
ASTR800 Advanced Topics in Astronomy and Astrophysics 15.00
ENVS806 Advances in Geospatial Analysis 15.00
ENVS801 Applications of Geographical Information Systems 15.00
CONS802 Applied New Zealand Conservation 15.00
COMP813 Artificial Intelligence 15.00
CHEM805 Biological Inorganic Chemistry 15.00
CHEM806 Biological Inorganic Chemistry II 15.00
MELS801 Biomedical Ethics 15.00
BIOL801 Biomedical Science and Technology 30.00
CHEM803 Chemistry for Drug Discovery 15.00
STAT805 Computational Mathematics and Statistics 15.00
CONS801 Conservation Biology 15.00
GENE802 Contemporary Molecular Genetics 30.00
FOOD804 Current Topics in Food Science 30.00
COMP809 Data Mining and Machine Learning 15.00
COMP810 Data Warehousing and Big Data 15.00
CHEM804 Design and Synthesis of Light-Responsive Molecules 15.00
SCIE896 Dissertation 45.00
PHIL880 Ethics of Biotechnology 30.00
MASC802 Fisheries Science 15.00
FOOD806 Food Product Development 30.00
FOOD801 Food Science 30.00
FOOD802 Frontiers of Food Microbiology 30.00
ENVS807 Geospatial Customisation and Visualisation 15.00
ENVS808 Geospatial Internship 15.00
ENVS804 Geospatial Science for Conservation 15.00
ENVS803 GIS and Programming 15.00
CONS804 Global Change Biology 15.00
CHEM802 Green and Sustainable Chemistry 15.00
BIOL803 Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis 15.00
COMP808 Logic, Games and Automata 15.00
ECOL802 Macroecology and Biogeography 15.00
MASC803 Marine Ecosystem Functions 15.00
MASC804 Marine Spatial Planning 15.00
MATH803 Mathematical Modelling and Simulation 15.00
CHEM809 Metabolites and Proteins 15.00
COMP826 Mobile Systems Development 15.00
CHEM808 Molecular Spectroscopy 15.00
STAT801 Multivariate Analysis 15.00
COMP815 Nature Inspired Computing 15.00
COMP800 Neuroinformatics 15.00
STAT803 Official Statistics 15.00
STAT804 Optimisation and Operations Research 15.00
CHEM801 Physical Chemistry I 15.00
MELS802 Quality Assurance in Laboratory Services 30.00
SCIE805 Quantitative Analysis 15.00
FOOD803 Recent Trends in Food Science 15.00
SCIE806 Scientific Research and Communication 15.00
SCIE809 Selected Topics 15.00
SCIE804 Selected Topics in Applied Science 30.00
MICR801 Selected Topics in Microbiology 30.00
CONS803 Socio-Ecological Systems Analysis 15.00
SCIE801 Specialist Readings 15.00
SCIE803 Specialist Readings in Applied Science 30.00
COMP840 Specialist Topic A 15.00
COMP841 Specialist Topic B 15.00
ENGE817 STEM Research Methods 15.00
STAT800 Stochastic Modelling 15.00
Level 9
Code Description Points
MATH896 Dissertation 45.00
MATH997 Dissertation 60.00
SCIE997 Research Project 60.00
SCIE996 Research Study 45.00
MATH989 Thesis 120.00
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