Qualification Table of Courses
Graduate Diploma in International Tourism Management
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Level 5
Code Description Points
COMM570 Academic Communication: Conventions and Expectations 15.00
HOSP504 Beverage Management 15.00
CLSY500 Culture and Society 15.00
TOUR505 Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills 15.00
FINA502 Finance for Hospitality, Tourism and Events – A Practical Approach 15.00
TOUR507 International Fares and Ticketing 15.00
TOUR501 Introduction to Tourism 15.00
MGMT501 Managing and Organising 15.00
TOUR503 Maori and Tourism in Aotearoa 15.00
HOSP503 Organisation and Human Behaviour Perspectives 15.00
TOUR506 Product Development 15.00
SUSE501 Sustainability Leadership 15.00
TOUR504 Tourism Industry Operations 15.00
COMM510 Undergraduate Writing for Academic Purposes 15.00
TOUR502 Visitor Attractions and Activities 15.00
TOUR510 World Geography 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
TOUR608 Air Transport Operations and Management 15.00
TOUR603 Asia and Tourism 15.00
TOUR602 Ecotourism 15.00
HOSP603 Facilities Development and Design 15.00
GAST602 Gastronomic Tourism 15.00
TOUR605 Global Tourism 15.00
HOSP604 Hospitality Human Resource Management 15.00
HRMG601 Human Resource Management 15.00
HOSP605 International Food and Beverage Management 15.00
TOUR607 International Spa Contemporary Issues 15.00
MGMT603 Leadership for Change 15.00
SUSE602 Managing Environmental Issues in Business 15.00
TOUR606 Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality and Events 15.00
BSYS604 Operations Management 15.00
MGMT601 Organisational Behaviour 15.00
BSYS603 Project Management 15.00
HOSP601 Service Management for Hospitality 15.00
MGMT602 Small and Medium Enterprise Management 15.00
TOUR601 Tourism and Cultures of the World 15.00
TOUR604 Travel Distribution Management 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
TOUR705 Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism 15.00
MGMT706 Contemporary Themes in Organisational Behaviour 15.00
BSYS703 eBusiness Management 15.00
HOSP708 Hospitality Entrepreneurship 15.00
HOSP703 Hospitality Sales and Marketing 15.00
HOSP702 Hotel Management Simulation 15.00
TOUR711 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Hospitality and Events 15.00
POLS781 International Relations 15.00
MGMT721 Leadership Principles, Perspectives and Practice 15.00
SOSC780 Multicultural Communities 15.00
HOSP701 Professional Wine Studies 15.00
SOSC701 Sociology of Food 15.00
TOUR708 Spa Design and Management 15.00
MGMT703 Strategic Management 15.00
HOSP704 Strategic Perspectives for Hospitality and Tourism Organisations 15.00
TOUR704 Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development 15.00
TOUR702 Tourism and Indigenous Peoples 15.00
TOUR707 Tourism Research 15.00
TOUR706 Tourist Behaviour 15.00
TOUR701 Urban Tourism 15.00
TOUR709 Wellness Tourism 15.00
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