Qualification Table of Papers
Graduate Diploma in Mathematical Sciences
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Level 5
Code Description Points
MATH502 Algebra and Discrete Mathematics 15.00
145612 Applied Communication 15.00
COMM501 Applied Communication 15.00
STAT500 Applied Statistics 15.00
COMP506 Computer Organisation 15.00
COMP501 Computing Technology in Society 15.00
MATH501 Differential and Integral Calculus 15.00
COMP502 Foundations of IT Infrastructure 15.00
COMP505 Introduction to Programming 15.00
ASTR500 Introductory Astronomy 15.00
MATH500 Mathematical Concepts 15.00
COMP504 Networks and Internet 15.00
ENSE502 Object Oriented Applications 15.00
PHYS500 Physics I 15.00
COMP503 Programming 2 15.00
COMP500 Programming Concepts and Techniques 15.00
ENSE501 Programming for Engineering Applications 15.00
Level 6
Code Description Points
COMP611 Algorithm Design and Analysis 15.00
ASTR601 Astrophysics and Space Science 15.00
COMP612 Computer Graphics and Animation 15.00
COMP610 Data Structures and Algorithms 15.00
MATH603 Differential Equations 15.00
MATH604 Financial Mathematics 15.00
STAT603 Forecasting 15.00
MATH601 Linear Algebra 15.00
MATH600 Logic and Discrete Structures 15.00
COMP613 Logic and Discrete Structures 15.00
INFS601 Logical Database Design 15.00
MATH602 Multivariate Calculus 15.00
COMP604 Operating Systems 15.00
PHYS600 Physics II 15.00
STAT600 Probability 15.00
COMP603 Program Design and Construction 15.00
STAT602 Quality Assurance 15.00
ASTR600 Space, Time and Gravity 15.00
STAT601 Statistical Methods 15.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
COMP719 Applied Human Computer Interaction 15.00
STAT700 Applied Stochastic Models 15.00
COMP717 Artificial Intelligence 15.00
ENSE701 Contemporary Issues in Software Engineering 15.00
COMP713 Distributed and Mobile Systems 15.00
MATH700 Financial Modelling and Computation 15.00
ASTR702 Frontiers of Astronomy and Space Science 15.00
COMP710 Game Programming 15.00
COMP716 Highly Secure Systems 15.00
STAT702 Industrial and Business Analytics 15.00
MATH706 Industrial Mathematics 15.00
MATH704 Linear Partial Differential Equations 15.00
MATH703 Numerical Analysis 15.00
ASTR700 Practical Astrophysics 15.00
COMP712 Programming Languages 15.00
ASTR701 Radio Astronomy 15.00
MATH701 Special Topic A 15.00
MATH702 Special Topic B 15.00
STAT701 Statistical Computing with SAS 15.00
STAT703 Statistical Modelling 15.00
COMP711 Theory of Computation 15.00
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