Qualification Table of Courses
Master of Arts
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Level 6
Code Description Points
CLSY614 International Exchange 6/45 45.00
Level 7
Code Description Points
CLSY718 International Exchange 7/15 15.00
Level 8
Code Description Points
PACS804 (Re)presentation and Representation of the Pacific in Journalism and the Media 15.00
ECON880 Applied Economics and Finance 15.00
PACS801 Contemporary Expressions of Pacific Identity 15.00
PACS808 Contemporary Pacific Literature 15.00
948101 Educational Agency in Language Revitalisation 30.00
POLS801 Indigenous Politics 30.00
MAOR802 Kaupapa Motuhake: Matauranga Maori 30.00
MAOR803 Korero Whakarei - Maori Language Styles and Genre 30.00
948102 Language Endangerment 15.00
LANG802 Language Endangerment 15.00
948103 Language Planning 15.00
948104 Language Policy 15.00
LANG805 Language Policy 15.00
LANG801 Language Revitalisation in Education 15.00
MAOR810 Methodological Approaches for Māori/Indigenous Research 30.00
PACS807 Pacific Development 30.00
PACS880 Pacific Epistemologies 30.00
PACS803 Pacific Ethnographies: Writing Fieldwork 30.00
POLS880 Policy Research and Evaluation 15.00
PACS802 Political Climate Change in the Pacific 15.00
SOSC880 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis 15.00
SOSC881 Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis 15.00
CLSY800 Reading Paper 15.00
MAOR815 Reading Paper 30.00
CLSY887 Site Based Research Project 60.00
SOSC884 Social Research, Design and Analysis 30.00
LANG804 Special Topic in Language Revitalisation 15.00
MAOR805 Special Topic in Maori Development 15.00
MAOR814 Special Topic in Māori Development 30.00
PACS805 Special Topic in Pacific and Indigenous Development 30.00
HIST800 Tahuhu Korero mo Te Reo: Histories of Te Reo Maori 30.00
PACS806 Tangata Pasifika: New Peoples of the Pacific 15.00
MAOR811 Te Kohure I 15.00
MAOR812 Te Kohure II 15.00
MAOR800 Te Mana o Te Reo 15.00
MAOR801 Te Reo Matihiko 15.00
MAOR804 Te Whanaketanga o te Reo: Language Change 30.00
948100 The Ecology of Language Revitalisation 30.00
MAOR809 Theoretical Perspectives in Māori/Indigenous Research 30.00
LANG800 Theory and Practice in Language Revitalisation 15.00
MAOR808 Tikanga: Maori Protocols and Customary Practices 15.00
MAOR806 Tuhinga Totoko: Creative Writing 30.00
Level 9
Code Description Points
CLSY997 Master of Arts Dissertation 60.00
CLSY999 Master of Arts Thesis 120.00
MAOR999 Master of Arts Thesis 120.00
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