Qualification Details
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences
Programme Code AK1271
Method Both Full & Parttime
Further Details
Table of Courses
BMathSc graduates will have a broad range of mathematical skills and a solid scientific knowledge base in their area of specialisation. They will have developed a range of problem solving and evaluation skills involved in analysis, design and development of mathematical systems and solutions. Graduates will also be prepared for postgraduate study in their chosen field.
Applied mathematics, algebra, analytics, astronomy, astrophysics, radio astronomy, computer science, computer graphics, game programming, computing, computer programming, statistics, quality assurance, financial modelling, statistical forecasting, industrial statistics, operations research, scientific communication, mathematical modelling, data structures and analysis, algorithm development, logistics analysis, physics, calculus.
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Qualification Structure
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences   (BMathSc) 360.00 
  • Analytics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Science
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