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Social Media: Voices for Change
Course Code COMM600
EFTS 0.1250
Points 15.00
Level 6
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This course explores the potential for digital advocacy, Internet activism and having a ‘voice’ in a digitally-connected world. A range of genres within digital popular culture - including memes, online music videos, websites, social media forums and video games - are investigated and critiqued for their communicative effectiveness. Students create their own digital artefact to communicate a message or story on a social issue that is important to them, and they write essays that apply theories such as narratology, technological determinism or uses and gratifications to assess the effectiveness of the communicative modes of text, image and sound in a specific digital genre. Students will gain confidence in using new media to communicate effectively at university and beyond.
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The course is available as part of the following qualifications.
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  AK1289   Graduate Certificate in Arts   (GradCertArts)
  AK3704   Bachelor of Arts   (BA)
  INEXCH1   International Exchange (Inbound)   (INEXCH)
  SABRD1   Study Abroad   (Study Abroad)
  AK2001   Diploma in Arts   (DipArts)
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